Advance or Change your Career with a Criminal Justice Certificate

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Criminal justice certificate programs are ideal for those looking to advance their career or make a career change, and for those looking to gain new and specialized skills. Certificate and career diploma programs that delve into the worlds of law enforcement, the judicial system and corrections are: Available at the undergraduate or graduate level or… Full Article

What’s the Difference between a Criminal Justice and a Criminology Degree?

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If you are not sure what the difference between criminal justice and criminology is, that’s more than understandable. Obviously they both pertain to crime, and there is a fair amount of crossover between the two. Depending on who you ask, the difference between a criminal justice degree and criminology degree can be subtle; others will [...]

Female Police Officers

Female Police Officer

Gone are the days where female police officers were discouraged from patrolling the streets. In fact, it is increasingly recognized that there is a demand for both male and female law enforcement officers. However, national statistics suggest a large discrepancy between the two genders; but agencies “are working to increase [female] numbers, both on street [...]

Interview with Attorney Brandon D. Wagner, Esq.

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Brandon D. Wagner Esq. is an attorney at Lueder, Larkin & Hunter, LLC based in Alpharetta, Georgia. Since a young teen he knew the law was his calling. While pursuing his undergrad degree at California State University he was named the Student Judiciary’s Chief Justice. He also started working as a paralegal from the age [...]

Careers with the JAG Corps

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“You can’t handle the truth!” is one of the most memorable movie quotes of all time. It was yelled by Jack Nicholson in his role as  Colonel Nathan R. Jessup in the film A Few Good Men (1992). The Academy Award nominated flick centered around a court-martial (a military court) of two U.S. Marines. Tom Cruise [...]

Some of the Strangest Laws – Where did they come from?

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You may have heard your fair share: There are some pretty unique laws that exist in towns and states across the United States…from it being illegal for a chicken to cross the road in a certain city in Georgia to a 25-year prison sentence for cutting a cactus down in Arizona. Some of these famously [...]