Some of the Strangest Laws – Where did they come from?

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You may have heard your fair share: There are some pretty unique laws that exist in towns and states across the United States…from it being illegal for a chicken to cross the road in a certain city in Georgia to a 25-year prison sentence for cutting a cactus down in Arizona. Some of these famously… Full Article

Back to School – Criminal Justice Student Stats

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In the ‘melodic’ words of Billy Madison (Adam Sandler): “Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad that I’m not a fool…” Whatever you’re reason behind it—it may not be to impress your papa—if you attended your first day back (or first day ever) of college today (or even a week or more…

What is a Peace Officer?

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Keeping the peace—that’s one of the aims of a myriad of criminal justice professionals. A number of Sheriff’s Offices have the motto, “Keeping the Peace since [their year of formation].” Probation officers supervise offenders to ensure they are keeping the peace within their communities. A bailiff keeps the peace within a courtroom. You’ve probably heard…

Interesting Facts about Serial Killer Research

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What is it about serial killers that fascinate us? I have to admit: I went through a stage where I was obsessed with watching documentaries serial killers. I’m not sure why exactly. Maybe I wanted to gain some insight on what makes a person commit a heinous act…more than once. Recently I read an interesting…

Criminal Justice Career Paths | Law Enforcement and Homeland Security

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Criminal justice career paths are as unique as the individuals who navigate them. But it helps to research those paths of veterans in the field. Not only can they assist you in researching potential contacts and employers—they can also be incredibly inspiring! Today let’s take a look at Peter Edge whose got 25 years experience…

Author, Journalist & Death Penalty Investigator, Rene Denfeld

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“Rene Denfeld is a genius. In The Enchanted, she has imagined one of the grimmest settings in the world—a dank and filthy death row in a corrupt prison—and given us one of the most beautiful, heartrending, and riveting novels I have ever read.” ~ Donald Ray Pollock (author of The Devil All the Time). Pollock’s praise…